venerdì 28 febbraio 2014

Cooking with design: Cioso by Blomus

Hello my dear design lovers! Here the column Cooking with design is. The protagonist of today is Cioso, a delicious wall wine cellar by Blomus  that holds your wine bottles and decorates your home with class. 
With Cioso wine bottles become a work of art and you can proudly display your finest wine labels.
A bottle of wine contains tradition, history and art and Cioso finally gets its rightful place of prominence.
Cioso is made ​​of stainless steel and can accommodate up to eight bottles. 
Have a great weekend my dear design lovers!

 Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! Eccoci arrivati alla rubrica Cooking with design. Il protagonista di oggi è Cioso, la deliziosa cantinetta da parete di Blomus che regge le vostre bottiglie di vino e arreda con classe la casa.

giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

Happy birthday Bourgie!

Bourgie Happy Birthday! The table lamp protagonist of this post, created by designer Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell, this year celebrates 10 years. 
Bourgie revisits a baroque table lamp with a contemporary key, combining the style of a lamp of IXX century with a modern material such as polycarbonate transparent or dyed. The base is richly decorated with volutes and the large lampshade is made with a pleated effect, to create a play of light when it is turned on. The transparency of the material and its processing at the highest level, make it seem that the lamp is made ​​of a precious material such as glass. 
Thanks to a special coupling system on the hat, you can customize Bourgie cleansing it in the height you prefer. 
This beautiful work of design is suitable as a decorative lamp, table or office and at any place will always give a touch of elegance and irony that distinguishes it.

Buon compleanno Bourgie! La lampada da tavolo protagonista di questo post, ideata dal designer Ferruccio Laviani per Kartell, compie quest'anno 10 anni. 

martedì 25 febbraio 2014

A folded console

Hello my dear design lovers! The protagonist of today is Miyabi the console designed by Giuseppe Viganò for Porada. 
Miyabi is a console with an original design and it seems to be created from a single piece folded back on itself. 
Miyabi perfectly decorates the entrance or the living area in order to welcome your guests in an elegant and refined way and is ideal to be placed on the walls of a modern and minimal room. 
Miyabi is available in wenge stained oak or walnut and its grain is continuous and follows the line of the console.

Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! Il protagonista di oggi è la consolle Miyabi disegnata da Giuseppe Viganò per Porada.

lunedì 24 febbraio 2014

The symbol of Turin becames a cuckoo clock

Happy Monday my dear design lovers! Have you spent a nice weekend ? The first post of the week has as protagonist a cuckoo clock from the very unusual shape , the cuckoo " Una Mole di Cucù " by the Italian designer Andrea Seano for Diamantini & Domeniconi , manufacturer of designer clocks.This wall clock is a tribute to the symbol of the city of Turin , the Mole Antonelliana, a building located in the historical center of Turin and built by the architect Alessandro Antonelli , now the National Museum of Cinema.
As you know, I live near Turin and I love this city, so I thought to dedicate a post to an object that honors it.
The cuckoo Mole, built in lacquered metal plate laser cut , is characterized by simple and basic lines and is available in white, red, black, rust and stainless steel mirror ." Una Mole di Cucù " will not disturb our dreams because it is equipped with a night light sensor, so the cuckoo desn't come out at night or when there is no light .Good week my dear design lovers!
Buon lunedì miei cari design lovers! Avete trascorso un piacevole weekend? Il primo post della settimana ha come protagonista un orologio a cucù dalla forma molto insolita, il cucù "Una Mole di Cucù" del designer italiano Andrea Seano per Diamantini&Domeniconi, azienda produttrice di orologi di design.

venerdì 21 febbraio 2014

Cooking with design: Pois, Flower e Lollipop by Brandani

Hello my dear design lovers! Finally Friday arrives and also the column Cooking with design. Since a few years in the kitchen the cake design is became very fashionable , so I decided to dedicate a post to get up to the desserts, which are essential if you want to present with a touch of class cakes, cupcakes and muffins.
The stars of today are the delicious raisers for cakes Brandani: Flower, Pois and Lollipop.
Flower is the biggest riser with pink tray, Pois is the green one and Lollipop is the blue one. All the risers have the tray with a romantic decorated  pedestal  in dolomite ceramic  and glass dome.
What do you think of this sweet trio?
Have a great weekend my dear design lovers! Each cake will be a success with them!
Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! Eccoci finalmente arrivati a venerdì e alla rubrica Cooking with design.

giovedì 20 febbraio 2014

Lighting veils

Hello my dear design lovers! The protagonist of today is Veli, a graceful lamp created by the designer Adriano Racheli for Slamp .This lamp has a special place in my heart because it is the chandelier in my bedroom. Do you find it wonderful, don't you?This handmade lamp is made up of dozens of veils that cross over each other drawing graceful and harmonious shapes .Thanks to its originality and its way of reinterpreting the concept of modern lighting, Veli was also awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award Honourable Mention.Veli is available in two different materials, both patented by Slamp: the Opalflex and Lentiflex.The first is used for the production of the classic series Veli , while the second is used for the realization of the particular series Veli Prisma. The Opalflex is a material obtained by mixing polymers and glass for a result very bright, while the Lentiflex filters the light giving fascinating reflections.Veli is available in ceiling or suspended, both in different sizes and many colors: opal , plum, charcoal, blue, chilli, russet to adapt perfectly to your environment.
Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! Il protagonista di oggi è Veli, una leggiadra lampada ideata dell'estro creativo del designer Adriano Racheli per Slamp.

mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014

Is there really a barcode on this pillow?

Barcodes, mushrooms, flowers, maps and fashion are the themes of these beautiful pillows by the Danish designer Trine Andersen. The entire range is characterized by a graphic design impact on the contrast black and white for a contemporary and elegant result. The cushions have the front side in natural linen and cotton backing with a high-quality padding in goose feathers. Due to their slender rectangular shape, they give a touch of class to your sofa. 
And you, my dear design lovers, which one do you prefer to embrace on your couch?

Codici a barre, funghi, fiori, carte geografiche e moda sono i temi di questi bellissimi cuscini della designer danese Trine Andersen.

martedì 18 febbraio 2014

Unusual intersection


My dear design lovers today we are again in the presence of a Good Design Award, Big Table by Belgian designer Alain Gilles for Bonaldo has in fact won the award in 2009.
Big Table is a large functional table with a strong personality thanks to the extremely original design from the unusual intersection and the inclination of the legs.
 The Big Table legs are laser cut steel and matt painted each with a different width that highlights the different shades.
Different color combinations are available: white , anthracite gray, multicolored (red coral , orange, green and purple) and a combination of brown ( pale pink, taupe, brown and amaranth ).
The rectangular top is also available in different materials: white matt lacquered , walnut, solid American walnut , brushed oak anthracite, brushed natural oak, black or white frosted glass, or white or anthracite gray ceramic.
Big Table is the proof that even with traditional materials such as steel, wood and glass it's possible to produce a table definitely out of the ordinary, thanks to the creative mind of a great designer. 
And what combination do you prefer?

Miei cari design lovers oggi siamo nuovamente in presenza di un Good Design Award, il tavolo Big Table del designer belga Alain Gilles per Bonaldo si è infatti aggiudicato l'ambito premio nel 2009. 

lunedì 17 febbraio 2014


Hello my dear design lovers! The first star of this week is Edison, an original shaped light bulb vase made ​​by the designer Catherine Grandidier. 
Edison is made ​​of transparent glass with the edge on the body identical to the screw of a light bulb. 
Edison is so similar to a light bulb that one must be careful not to try to use it to replace another bulb on the chandelier. 
Have a great week my dear design lovers!

Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! Il primo protagonista di questa settimana è Edison, un'originale vaso a forma di lampadina realizzata da Catherine Grandidier.

venerdì 14 febbraio 2014

Cooking with design: FëlFël by Layla Mehdipour

Hello my dear design lovers! Today is Friday, the day of the column Cooking with design. Are you wondering what is the protagonist of today? A ring? A bracelet? 
FëlFël is a set for salt and pepper, born from the creative mind of designer Layla Iranian Mehdi Pour.
FëlFël means pepper in Iran and is composed of two ceramic rings were born to be together forever, which revolutionized the idea of the usual port salt and pepper. A product design from the simple form as its content can bring cheer to the table thanks to its playful side.
FëlFël is  Italian hand crafted ceramic and is available in three colors: red, black and white, in matte or glossy version.
I hope you like the protagonist of today  as much as I and now I just have to wish an happy weekend to all my dear followers!

Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! Oggi è venerdi, il giorno della rubrica Cooking with design. Vi state chiedendo che cos'è il protagonista di oggi? Un'anello? Un braccialetto? 
FëlFël è il set porta sale e pepe, nato dalla mente creativa della designer iraniana Layla Mehdi Pour.

giovedì 13 febbraio 2014

Be my Valentine

As every year, the day dedicated to lovers has arrived, tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I took the opportunity to show you Love this romantic pouf by the designer Joel Escalona for Opiniociatti.
This lovely heart-shaped pouf fills with joy the environment where it is placed and certainly will not go unnoticed by your guests. 
Love is in polyurethane foam covered in cotton with base in polished stainless steel and is available in three different lengths and two colors, red and black.
For tomorrow, have you already chosen a gift for the person you love? Have you booked the restaurant or  maybe have you prepared  a romantic dinner by candlelight in your home? 
In any case, I wish you to spend a beautiful Valentine's Day my dear design lovers!

Come ogni anno il giorno dedicato agli innamorati è arrivato, domani è San Valentino miei cari design lovers ed io ho approfittato dell'occasione per mostrarvi Love il romanticissimo pouf ideato dal designer Joel Escalona per Opinionciatti.

mercoledì 12 febbraio 2014

Circle of light

An irregular ellipse from which comes a seraphic light, this is the table lamp Anisha built by Studio Lievore Altherr Molina for Foscarini. 
The three designers of Barcelona have created this lamp with a distinctive identity as a fluid and enveloping frame who can almost hypnotize the person who looks at it. 

Anisha outlines an empty space and filling it with a directed downward soft led light. Made of injection molded ABS, Anisha is available in two colors, white, to blend in with the surrounding space, and red, for a strong and recognizable presence. Due to its minimal lines, it perfectly suits to the different rooms of your home or your office, whom will always give a touch of sophistication both turned on or off. 

Un’ellisse irregolare dal quale proviene una serafica luce, questa è Anisha la lampada da tavolo realizzata dallo Studio Lievore  Altherr Molina per Foscarini.

martedì 11 febbraio 2014

Tick tock Tiuku

Hello my dear design lovers! Today I show you Tiuku, confirmation that the pendulum clock can also be modern and glamorous. Tiuku is an idea of the Finnish designer Ari Kanerva for Covo which has created a contemporary version of an ancient object by giving him a minimalist robe. This pendulum clock from the simple and essential lines is able with its touch of color to decorate any place: the living room, the bedroom or the office. Even the material, with which it has been realized, follows the idea of ​​modernity, in fact the wood of the classic pendulum clock is replaced from steel painted in red, orange, black and white. 
Do you still think that the pendulum clock is a suitable object only in the homes of your grandparents?

Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! Oggi vi presento Tiuku, la conferma che l'orologio a pendolo puó anche essere moderno e glamour.

lunedì 10 febbraio 2014

A medieval king and queen in your home

Hello my dear design lovers! Do you remember the legend of the Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur with his beloved Queen Guinevere? The designer Charles Bargagna was inspired by this famous story to create the nice tables Arthur and Guinevere for Officinanove. Arthur is slightly higher than Guinevere and the profile of its base remind the king of chess piece while the base of Guinevere reminds the queen. Arthur looks at its best when it's accompanied by his beloved Geneva, preferably of a different color. Both tables are created by assembling two plates coated steel shaped to create the base and the table top and can be used both as a table next to a armchair or a sofa in the living area and both as a nightstand in the bedroom . 
So original and colorful, do not you think they are a good couple?

Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! Vi ricordate la leggenda dei Cavalieri della Tavola Rotonda e di re Artù con la sua amata regina Ginevra?

venerdì 7 febbraio 2014

Cooking with design: Ahoi by Koziol

Hello my dear design lovers! Here we are on Friday, the day dedicated to the column Cooking with Design. Today's post has as its protagonist a sympathetic and helpful kitchen gadget that brings us back to our childhood memories, when we were able to have fun with a sheet building a paper boat. Ahoi is in fact a boat juicer made ​​by the mind of designers Pedrizzetti and Associates. Ahoi is perfect for squeezing lemons, limes and oranges and make excellent juice. This boat is made of biodegradable plastic material and is available in different colors. Ahoi, thanks to its original form, will remit to the last drop of your juice both from the stern to bow.

Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! Eccoci arrivati a venerdi, il giorno dedicato alla rubrica Cooking with Design.

giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

Contemporary and baroque

Baroque and contemporary design together for the romantic Proust armchair designed by Alessandro Mendini for Magis. Proust is based on the original design of the Proust Chair, the most famous creation ever designed by Mendini in 1978. About thirty years ago, the Italian designer had reinterpreted in a chair in the French Baroque style of the eighteenth century painting  wood and upholstery, and adapting the shape and decoration in the style of the current year. Today the Proust Chair is again revised in accordance with the contemporary fashion, wood and upholstery disappear to give way to the polyethylene in bright colors. Even its target changes, in fact, a chair designed to be a work of art produced in a few pieces at the end of the 70s, now becomes a chair dedicated to everyone thanks to Magis. 
What do you think of this original piece furniture with a rich history of design? 
See you soon my dear design lovers!

mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014

Fluctuating pepples

Hello my dear design lovers! The protagonist of today's post is Mercury, the wonderful chandelier designed by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide. This chandelier with a modern design is composed of an aluminum disk under whom fluctuate a serie of light of  pepples. The smooth and biomorfic surface of the pebbles  reflects the light bouncing and creating beautiful light games. Mercury has a great charm even in the daytime when it is off, in fact the object reflects the movements of people around and the natural light. Mercury also has a smaller version, Mercury Mini, and both are available with halogen or LED illumination.
What do you think of Mercury? Are you charmed like myself?

martedì 4 febbraio 2014

Checkmate the king

  • Hello my dear design lovers! Do you know how to play chess? No?! It doesn't matter, because even those who doesn't know how to play can have one of these wonderful pieces in their home because in truth they are the original candles! 
  • Scaccomatto by Seletti are in fact handmade candles in natural wax and just all the pieces were turned: the king, the queen, the bishop, the knight, the rook and the pawn. 
  • All pieces are available in white and black, the colors of the real game of chess and their sizes range from 33 cm of the king to 16 cm of the pawn. 
  • Ready to play?

lunedì 3 febbraio 2014

Is it a bag or is it not a bag? This is the question

Hello my dear design lovers! How are you? Have you spent a nice weekend? 
Our first star of the week is Utility by Calligaris, a magazine rack and storage compartment made in PVC with leather effect finish.Thanks to some details like the stitching in the same color, the handle and the metal details, Utility reminds a large and handy bag very much. It 'available in gray, brown, red, black and white to match any room in your home. 
Now you can no longer leave your magazines or your newspapers around the house because there is space for everything inside Utility !