venerdì 31 ottobre 2014

A ghost table for Halloween

Hello my dear design lovers and Happy Halloween! This is a magical evening made ​​of witches, wizards and ghosts and for this special day I would like to propose you Illusion Side Table.
A coffee table with an unusual design, featured by the magical effect of the rising created by John Brauer, Danish designer and founder of the company Essey. Illusion Side Table it seems a tablecloth that hangs in the air thank to some magical force.

Each table is handmade and as such is unique and original.
Made of acrylic and PMMA, this product is available in two sizes, Illusion (h: 45cm) and Grand Illusion (h: 52cm), and in different colors: clear, brown, gray, red, black and ice.
We just have to all sit around our table ghost, join hands and begin the seance!

Happy Halloween!
Buongiorno miei cari design lovers e buon Halloween! Questa é una serata magica fatta di streghe, maghi e fantasmi e per rimanere in tema ho pensato di proporvi come protagonista di oggi Illusion Side Table.

martedì 21 ottobre 2014

Front Page, a magazine rack opened by the wind

The protagonist of today is Front Page, a magazine rack shaped like a newspaper opened by a sudden puff of wind.
Designed by the Swedish team for Kartell Front, Front Page is built in transparent or colored polycarbonate and has a graceful and elegant design  sinuous shape that opens in a semicircle into a curved shelves, designed to contain newspapers and magazines.

Front page is a really special piece of furniture, a banal object turned in an irresistible piece of design.

Il protagonista di oggi é Front Page, un portariviste dalla forma simile ad un giornale aperto da un soffio di vento improvviso.

mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014

Lotus, the umbrella stand by Qualy

Hello dear design lovers! Autumn is now underway for almost a month and rainy days are becoming more frequent, so today I'd propose Lotus, an umbrella stand born by creativity of Qualy, design firm of Bankok, characterized by the creation of commonly used objects twist in a fun way to decorate your home with color and lightness.
Lotus, molded polyethylene, has a capacity of 12 umbrellas and is available in white, black and lime green.
What do you think of this umbrella with a colorful and fun design to give a touch of joy to even the most gray and rainy day?
Buongiorno cari design lovers! L'autunno è ormai iniziato da quasi un mese e i giorni di pioggia sono sempre più frequenti, ho pensato quindi di proporre come protagonista di oggi Lotus, un portaombrelli nato dalla creatività di Qualy, azienda di design di Bankok, caratterizzata dalla creazione di oggetti di uso comune rivisitati in chiave divertente per arredare la casa con colore e leggerezza.

venerdì 10 ottobre 2014

Mad about Design at Operae

Hello design lovers! This weekend Turin is the site of  Operae, the festival of independent and self-design, an exhibition  comes now with great success in its fifth edition.
For three days, from 10 to 12 October, in Turin Exhibition, you can meet new Italian and international talents of design, discover products and collections and participate in meetings and workshops.
In Operae, creativity, art and the future are the main protagonists everywhere.
Looking at the pictures I took today during the festival to believe!
Ciao design lovers! Questo weekend Torino sarà la sede di Operae, il festival del design indipendente e autoprodotto, una mostra ormai giunta con grande successo alla sua quinta edizione.