giovedì 14 gennaio 2016

T-Shirt o T-Chair?

Dear design lovers! Today Mad about Design shows yo T-Chair designed by Annebet Philips for Mogg Design. Launched in Milan 2015 this is a new addition their amazing collection of highly original modern Italian furniture.

Taking its inspiration from the "T Shirt" an all-time design classic, this stylish comfortable chair is made in solid ash wood which is then matt stained in an open pore lacquer (allowing the grain to show through).

There are 16 different colours to choose from or the chair can be hand-painted in stripes in two colours.

Italian company Mogg is a new brand founded in 2012 by architect Nicola Galbiati.

lunedì 4 gennaio 2016

Happy Birthday Mad about Design!

Happy Birthday Mad about Design! Today the blog Mad about Design is two years old. Thanks to all people who follow and support this blog.
This year was very important for Mad about Design who participated to many events such Operae, Paratissima, Expo Milano 2015 and I Saloni.
  Also during the year was created the column  "Inspired Mind" where we meet and interview an artist or a designer and we discover the major artcrafts.
  Mad about Design is proud to have visitors from all over the world: Italy, USA, France, Germany, Russia, Canada, UK, Thailand, Japan ...
 In 2016, there will be many news and I can anticipate that Mad about Design will have new sections and participate at new events whom will share images and impressions with you.
  Finally, I take this opportunity to thank all the followers of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
Thanks you so much and Happy Birthday Mad about Design!

Buon compleanno Mad about Design! Vorrei ringraziare tutti coloro che seguono e supportano questo blog ogni giorno.

Mad about Design ha partecipato a numerosi eventi tra i quali Operae, Paratissima, I Saloni e Expo Milano 2015.
Inoltre durante l'anno è stata creata la rubrica "Inspired Mind" dove attraverso un intervista abbiamo modo di conoscere un designer o un artista che ci presenta le sue opere. 
Mad about Design è orgogliosa di avere visitatori provenienti da tutto il mondo: Italia, Stati Uniti, Francia, Germania, Russia, Regno Unito, Canada, Thailandia, Giappone...
Numerose saranno le novità in questo 2016 e vi posso anticipare che Mad about Design avrá delle nuove rubriche e nuovi eventi a cui partecipare di cui condividerá immagini ed impressioni con tutti voi.
Infine colgo l'occasione per ringraziare tutti i followers su Facebook, Instagram e Pinterest.
Grazie davvero a tutti e buon compleanno Mad about Design!

giovedì 31 dicembre 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all the design lovers from the blog Mad About Design!

Felice Anno Nuovo a tutti i design lovers da Mad About Design!

venerdì 25 dicembre 2015

mercoledì 23 dicembre 2015

Calza Ferm Living per un Natale di design

Hello Design Lovers! Christmas is coming, the streets of the towns are adorned with lights and decorations and our homes... and our homes?
If you are looking for sober Christmas decorations for a minimal apartment, stockings of Ferm Living are suitable for you.
These stocking are 100% cotton and available in four versions: grey or black stripes and gold or black little splat pattern.
Pattern with elegant and neutral colors make the stockings suitable for every space of the home, from living room to bedroom and you can hang them on wall, library or fireplace, if you are so lucky to have one.
But pay attetion! Ferm Living stocking are so beautiful and elegant that Santa could steal them instead of fill them!
Buongiorno Design Lovers! 
Il Natale si avvicina, le vie delle cittá sono decorate con addobbi e luminarie e le nostre case... e le nostre case?
Se cercate delle decorazioni natalizie sobrie per un appartamento minimal, i calzettoni di Ferm Living sono adatti a voi.

venerdì 18 dicembre 2015

Cooking with Design: 3D Xmas Tree Mould by Lekué

Hello Design Lovers! Christmas is coming and also the column Cooking with Design is adorned festively presenting a design gadget for the kitchen with a Christmas theme: 3D Xmas Tree Mould by Lekué, a silicone mold to build your own greedy Christmas trees!
With 3D Xmas Tree Mould is possible to build three-dimensional tree in chocolate, caramel or cookie.
But these trees will arrive intact until Christmas Day?!

Buongiorno Design Lovers!Il Natale si avvicina e anche la rubrica Cooking with Design si addobba a festa presentando un simpatico gadget di design per la cucina a tema natalizio: 3D Xmas Tree Mould di Lekuè, uno stampo in silicone per costruire il proprio albero di Natale goloso!

venerdì 11 dicembre 2015

Cooking with Design: Sugar House by Peleg Design

Hello Design Lovers! Since we are in the Christmas period, the column Cooking with Design dedicates today's post at this lovely snowball glass, which actually hides the sugar bowl The Sugar House designed by Ben Broyde, designer of Design Peleg, an Israeli company specializing in kitchen gadgets.
This sugar bowl contains in its interior a house attached to the bases of the glass ball. When you want sugar simply flip the ball, unscrew the base and as you use sugar, it turns out the house hidden inside.
The Sugar House obviously can be filled with white or cane sugar, but also salt or spices to a constantly changing panorama

Buongiorno Design Lovers! Siccome siamo in periodo natalizio, la rubrica Cooking with Design dedica il post di oggi a questa deliziosa palla di neve di vetro, che in realtà nasconde la zuccheriera di design The Sugar House ideata da Ben Broyde, designer del Peleg Design, compagnia israeliana specializzata in gadget da cucina di design.