venerdì 30 gennaio 2015

Cooking with Design: Farfalloni by Monkey Business

Like every Friday returns the column Cooking with Design and the protagonist of today are Farfalloni the silicone potholders by Monkey Business with the shape of the homonymous Italian pasta.
Farfalloni are two fun yellow heat-resistant pot holders to handle pans with  hot handles.
Useful idea with a special design that combines originality and practicality and leading in our kitchen a touch of beauty and irony.
I recommend not confuse them with real farfalloni pasta otherwise you could cook them in the pot!
Good weekend my dear design lovers!

Come ogni venerdi ritorna la rubrica Cooking with Design e il protagonista di oggi sono le presine in silicone Farfalloni di Monkey Business ovviamente con la forma dell'omonima pasta.

mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Quando il design incontra il profumo

Hello design lovers! The star of today is the diffusoe for the environment Natural Line signed by Millefiori.
An elegant and refined fragrance diffuser in plastic framed by white ceramic. Its simple and conteporary shape makes it suitable for any decor and wooden sticks spread a delicate fragrance in the environment.
The Millefiori diffuser is available in 20 fragrances : talc, amber and spices, vanilla wood, wood and orange flowers, cotton flower, orchid blossom, cassis grape, green tea, lemon grass, fresh lavander, white musk, meal and cinnamon, Meldy flowers, mango and papaya, grapefruit, rosabouquet, sandalwood and bergamot, vanilla flower and sea shore.
Here are some pictures that I have chosen for you!
See you soon design lovers!

Buongiorno design lovers!Il protagonista di oggi è il diffusore per ambiente della Linea Natural firmato da Millefiori.

venerdì 23 gennaio 2015

Cooking with Design: Glass Pot by Massimo Castagna

Hello design lovers! The protagonist of the column Cooking with Design of this Friday is the original Glass Pot and it was given by a friend of mine.
Glass Pot is made by the Italian designer Massimo Castagna, this elegant transparent  pot allows you to see dance in the water pasta and vegetables while cooking from a unique perspective.
  Glass Pot is made of tempered borosilicate glass to make it resistant to high temperatures. This original design object is manufactured in Italy and every day are created only 10 pieces, to emphasize the care and the exclusivity of the product. Also important is the distribution channel of Glass Pot, in fact, this pot is sold only in the shop or in the webstore of the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Glass Pot with even a simple object like a pot can become a work of unique design and reside in one of the most important galleries in the world.
Buongiorno design lovers!Il protagonista della rubrica Cooking with Design di questo venerdi mi è stato indicato da una mia amica ed è l'originale Glass Pot del designer italiano Massimo Castagna. 

martedì 20 gennaio 2015

O Pouf by Fullspot, ecologia e design in un pouf

Hello design lovers! The protagonist of today is O Pouf by Fullspot, the same successful brand of handbags O Bag and watches O Clock.
The designer Emanuele Magenta, creative mind of Fullspot, created  O Pouf from the scraps of the rubber used to produce the O bag, recovering
the rolls of colored rubber and enclosing them in an envelope of transparent PVC.
The special rubber which O Pouf is made by, makes this chair soft and light.
O Pouf is available in over 20 colors and in different sizes: cylindrical, rectangular or square and is perfect both outdoor and indoor.
Here the story of O Pouf by Fullspot is, the pouf ecological, that looks like a work of a contemporary art museum.

Buongiorno design lovers! Il protagonista di oggi è O Pouf di Fullspot, lo stesso brand di successo delle borse O Bag e degli orologi O Clock.

giovedì 15 gennaio 2015

Makastool, la seduta a forma di macaron

Do  you know the famous macarons? These colorful French sweets  inspired the Makastool, the fun stools born from the intuition of Li-Ving, the design studio founded by Antonio Lauriola, Nicola Troiano and Vito Vero.
When I saw for the first time Makastool, I immediately thought to dedicate it a post and so, I discovered that behind this cute colored stool, there is a complete design studio that deals with the creation, implementation and sale of handcrafted self-produced design pieces of furniture .
Makastool are available in two different heights and in different shades: purple, chocolate, lime green, blue, lemon yellow ...
The Makastool are completely handcrafted in all its components, from the legs in ash to the seat covered in leather or microfibre.
And you which Makastool choose? Chocolate, pistachio, violet, vanilla!

Avete presente i rinomati macarons? Questi colorati dolcetti francesi hanno ispirato i Makastool,  le divertenti sedute nate dall'intuizione di Li-Ving 
lo studio di design fondato da Antonio Lauriola, Nicola Troiano e Vito Vero.

martedì 13 gennaio 2015

Happy Birthday Mad about Design

Happy Birthday Mad about Design! Exactly a year ago the blog came with its first post and in a single year has been traveled a lot of road thanks to all those who follow and support this blog.
  Mad about Design has created its own page on various social as Facebook, Pinterest and Blogloving, has participated in numerous events including Operae, Paratissima, the Furniture and Food Wine Design Week.
  Also during the year were created column like "Hot Spot" which analyzes a theme that is the underlying theme of the post, "Cooking with Design" where the protagonist of the post is an item from the kitchen and "Hi-tech loves Design " where, the center of the post is an item that combines technology and design.
  Mad about Design is proud to have visitors from all over the world: Italy, USA, France, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Spain, Finland, Poland ...
  Man news will be in this 2015 and I can anticipate that Mad about Design will have new sections and new events to participate which will share images and impressions with all of you.
  Finally, I take this opportunity to thank all those who follow Mad about Design and support this blog.
 Thanks you so much and Happy Birthday Mad about Design!
Buon compleanno Mad about Design! Esattamente un anno fa nasceva il blog con il suo primo post e in un solo anno tantissima strada è stata percorsa grazie a tutti coloro che seguono e supportano questo blog.

giovedì 8 gennaio 2015

Mad about Design a Roy Liechtenstein opera prima

Mad about Design visited the exhibition of Roy Liechtenstein Opera Prima at GAM , the Gallery of Modern Art in Turin , the first exhibition in Italy entirely dedicated to this artist, one of the greatest exponents of Pop Art.
The exhibition contains more than 230 works from various international galleries and private collections .
The exhibition contains numerous works on paper that show us the creative process that led to the birth of the major recurring themes in the works of Roy Liechtenstein .
The exhibition, curated by the Director GAM , Danilo Eccher, brings together a selection of works from the beginning to the success showing all its stylistic variations characterizing the art of Liechtenstein.
Here some pictures of the exibition are for you!
Mad about Design ha visitato la mostra di Roy Liechtenstein Opera Prima alla GAM, la Galleria di Arte Moderna di Torino, la prima mostra in Italia interamente dedicata a questo artista, uno dei massimi esponenti della Pop Art.
La mostra contiene oltre 230 opere provenienti da diverse gallerie internazionali e da collezioni private.
La mostra contiene numerosi lavori su carta che ci mostrano il processo creativo che ha portato alla nascita dei maggiori temi ricorrenti nelle opere di Roy Liechtenstein.
La mostra, curata dal direttore GAM, Danilo Eccher, raccoglie una selezione di opere dagli inizi al successo mostrandoci tutte le variazioni stilistiche caratterizzanti l'arte propria di Liechtenstein.
Ecco alcune immagini scattate durante la mostra per voi!

mercoledì 7 gennaio 2015

Un temperamatite gigante per la scrivania

Hello my dear design lovers! The protagonist of today is an original  penholder in the shape of huge pencil sharpener, Sharpener Desk Tidy by designer Jamie and Mark Antoniades for Suck Uk.
This object fully reflects the Suck Uk brand's philosophy to unite functionality and irony within a single design element.
Sharpener Desk Tidy is a wooden penholder  with the form of a giant pencil sharpener, where instead of sharpening, in the hole you can put all the accessories of our office desk: pens, pencils, scissors, markers ...
A item with unique and funny design to decorate our desk in the office or at home and start over more willingly after the too short as usually Christmas break !

Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! Il protagonista di oggi è un originale portabiro a forma di enorme temperamatite, Sharpener Desk Tidy progettato dai designer Jamie e Mark Antoniades per Suck Uk.

venerdì 2 gennaio 2015

Hot-spot: Marsala, il colore dell' anno 2015 per Pantone

 Hello design lovers! The blog Mad about Design begins 2015 with the column Hot Spot and the theme of the post is the color of the year 2015 decreed by Pantone: Marsala.
  So we say goodbye to the color of the year 2014, the Radiant Orchid of which you can find the post here, and welcome Marsala.
  Marsala is the color of fortified wine made in homonymous Sicilian city, a warm and vibrant color and  symbol of creativity, strength and stability.
  Pantone is the highest authority in the field of color and each year choose the tonality that influences furnishings, clothing and make up.
What do you think of this color?
Below some furnishings from different designers proposed in color Marsala.

Buongiorno design lovers! Il blog Mad about Design inizia il 2015 con la rubrica Hot Spot e  il tema a fare da filo conduttore per tutto il post é il colore dell'anno 2015 decretato da Pantone: Marsala.