venerdì 29 maggio 2015

Cooking with Design: Cavatappi Alessandro M. - Duomo di Milano by Alessi

Also the column Cooking with Design dedicates a post to Milan and Expo, the event of 2015, so the protagonist of today is the limited edition of Corkscrew Alessandro M. "Duomo di Milano" designed by Alessandro Mendini for Alessi.
"Alessandro M. - Milan Duomo is reinterpreted for Expo 2015 as a tribute to the city of Milan.
"Alessandro M." has the appearance of an Italian chef, wearing a white apron with tricolor flag and a Milan Cathedral shaped hat with on the tallest spire the Golden "Madonnina", the town symbol.
The Corkscrew Alessandro M. is made in mentra PA and chrome-plated zamak and her dress is decorated by hand.
We just have to let us suggest and uncork a good bottle of wine from this cute chef and sommelier.
See you soon design lovers and good weekend!
Anche la rubrica Cooking with Design dedica un post a Milano e a Expo, l'evento del 2015, il protagonista di oggi è infatti l'edizione limitata del cavatappi Alessandro M. “Duomo di Milano” disegnato da Alessandro Mendini per Alessi.

giovedì 28 maggio 2015

Tribute to Milano

What is the city star of 2015? Of course the city headquarters of Milan and Expo
Mad about Design today dedicates a post to the symbol of Milan, became a cuckoo clock for Diamantini & Domeniconi.
  Duomo is a wall clock created in 2012 by Italian designer Luca Trazzi, which reproduces the famous cathedral of Milan with its many spiers from which emerges a bird.
Duomo is a modern reinterpretation of the classic and current cuckoo clock and is available in three colors: white, red and black.
In addition to Duomo clock, Diamantini & Domeniconi also proposed Mole cuckoo that you can find in this previous post.
See you soon design lovers!
Qual'è la cittá protagonista del 2015? Naturalmente Milano la cittá sede di Expo e 
Mad about Design oggi dedica un post al simbolo del capoluogo lombardo diventato un orologio a cucù per Diamantini & Domeniconi.

domenica 10 maggio 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!

Mad about Design wish a beautiful Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world.

Mad about Design augura una bellissima festa della mamma a tutte le mamme del mondo.

venerdì 8 maggio 2015

Cooking with Design: Gianni by Alessi

Hello design lovers! Finally it's Friday! The weekend is near and also the column Cooking with Design! The protagonists of today are the creations of Italian designer Mattia Di Rosa, Gianni a little man holding on tight, an original and fun interpretation of the classic kitchen jar, where the design is inside the jar.
The line of Mattia Di Rosa consists of a series of airtight container in different sizes ranging from small one to the one for spaghetti. The jars are made of glass and apparently normal, but if you raise their cover we find a nice man with a very worry expression, Gianni a little man holding on tight.
Our Gianni, with the lid in which he tries to keep it tight, is thermoplastic resin available in different colors: blue, mint green, blue, black, pink, yellow, white and yellow sweet.

And which one do you like best?
Good weekend to all design lovers!

Buongiorno design lovers! Finalmente è venerdi! Il weekend è vicino e anche la rubrica Cooking with Design! I protagonisti di oggi sono le creazioni del designer italiano Mattia Di Rosa, Gianni a little man holding on tight una rienterpretazione originale e divertente del classico barattolo da cucina, dove il design si trova all'interno del barattolo.

giovedì 7 maggio 2015

Tropics atmosphere

What there is more relaxing than a hammock in a garden? And if the hammock is Headdemock by FatBoy, relax is also design.   The generous shapes and full colors typical of Fatboy, make Headdemock to put in each garden at touch of personality.
Headdemock has enough place for one or two persons, so you can share relaxing moments with who you want.
Headdemock is created with smooth polyester and a strong scaffolding in order to assure confort and stability to your rest.
On Headdemmock, you can imagine to be in a paradisiac tropical island.
 Cosa c'é di piú rilassante di un'amaca in un giardino? E se l'amaca é Headdemock di FatBoy il relax è anche design.
  Le forme generose e i colori pieni tipici di Fatboy, fanno si che Headdemock aggiunga ad ogni giardino o veranda un tocco di personalità.

domenica 3 maggio 2015

Mad about Design at Design Spontaneo

Mad about Design visited the exhibition "Design Spontaneo, nella cultura dei paesaggi del vino" organized by Madeinlanga during the festival Vinum in Alba.
Located in the picturesque location of the Roman underground of San Giuseppe church , the exhibition Design Spontaneous has as main theme the reinterpretation of old objects related to the rural world to make them stylish design objects.
Madeinlanga is formed by architects Luca Toppino, Cesare Catena, Diego Repetto and creates furnishings design inspired by elements related to the wine culture.
The creations  of Madeinlanga are chairs, lamps and tables that contain within them two different realities as the design and the wine, tradition and innovation, in line with the philosophy of peasant that gives new life to objects to waste nothing .
Under some shots of the exhibition Design Spontaneous that I'm sure you find them amazing.
Mad about Design ha visitato la mostra "Design Spontaneo, nella cultura dei paesaggi del vino" organizzata da Madeinlanga in occasione della kermesse Vinum ad Alba.
Situata nella suggestiva location dei sotteranei romani della chiesa di San Giuseppe, la mostra Design Spontaneo ha come tema conduttore la reinterpretazione di vecchi oggetti legati al mondo contadino per farli diventare eleganti oggetti di design.

venerdì 1 maggio 2015

Cooking with Design: Karoto by Monkey Business

Everybody knows how is boring cleaning and peeling vegetables, Monkey Business has invented Karoto, sharpener & peeler with pencil sharpener shape. Amazing! 
Karito peels and curls ribbons of carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and other similar shaped vegetables to decorate and add flair to your salads and dishes.
Karoto is also very nice to show as decorating object on a kitchen shelf, and is available in 4 colours: black, yellow, red and green.
Much more fun in the kitchen!

Tutti sappiamo quanto è noioso pelare le verdure, Monkey Business ha inventato Karoto, un pelaverdure a forma di temperamatite. Geniale similitudine!