giovedì 12 giugno 2014

Hot Spot: 2014 FIFA World Cup

Hello design lovers! Today the 2014 FIFA World Cup starts in Brazil. After four years, we are once again all in front of the television with friends to follow our national team on the field and to see the best players in the world.
The occasion has inspired me this post that features the Flagbcovers for pillows  created by the design workshop Selab of Seletti. The covers are made ​​entirely of cotton and have as their subject the flags of the nations of Brazil, United Kingdom, United States and Italy. With Flag covers  by Seletti, the sofa is converted into the curve of a stadium by perfectly lowering in the climate of ultras supporters. My dear design lovers, for which team you cheer? And according to you, what will be the winning nation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup?
Buongiorno design lovers! Oggi iniziano finalmente i mondiali di calcio 2014 in Brasile. Dopo quattro anni, ci ritroviamo di nuovo tutti davanti alla televisione con gli amici per seguire ognuno la squadra della propria nazionale e per vedere in campo i migliori giocatori al mondo.

domenica 8 giugno 2014

Mad about Design at the Food Wine Design Week

Hello design lovers! This week the Piedmont town of Alba and the surrounding area of the Langhe is the location to the Food Wine Design Week, an event in its first year that it intends to establish itself for its ability to bind to the gastronomic traditions of these places to the innovations of Italian design.
A full calendar of events, June 5 to 9, which have as its main theme the design and the food and wine. Several locations of the FWD week, wineries like Tenuta Carretta, Poderi and Cantine Oddero, Fontanafredda, Cordero di Montezemolo, Terredavino and Palais Cerequio, the Moda Restaurant, the Agency of Pollenzo and the towns of Alba and Barolo.
Events, workshops and exhibitions are taking place in this wonderful background of the Langhe, among vineyards and delightful medieval villages.
Some pictures taken on the day today in Alba and at the winery Poderi and Cantine Oddero in the village of La Morra (CN).

Buongiorno design lovers! Questa settimana la città piemontese di Alba e il territorio circostante delle Langhe sono sede del Food Wine Design Week, un evento alla sua prima edizione che intende affermarsi per la sua capacità di legare la tradizione enogastronomica di questi luoghi alle innovazioni del design italiano.