venerdì 25 aprile 2014

Cooking with design: Pantone plates by Serax

Hello design lovers! Today for the book Cooking with the design I present a set of dishes Pantone Serax Maison.
An original collection created by the creative and modern Italian designer Luca Trazzi to turn the table into a colorful palette. The dishes have Pantone colors and each is clearly visible on the white board the respective color reference.
With the service of Pantone dishes you can create your own color combinations for a colorful table and colorful.
What is your favorite color combination?
Have a nice weekend my dear design lovers!
Buongiorno design lovers! Oggi per la rubrica Cooking with design vi presento il servizio di piatti Pantone di Serax Maison.

lunedì 21 aprile 2014

A tree for your books

Hello my dear design lovers! The protagonist of today is the iconic library Tree, Poltrona Frau designed by Gianfranco Frattini.
Conceived in the late '50s, Tree library is a land-ceiling functional and sculptural style, with structure in solid walnut.
The library by Frattini differs to the others from the complex work of craftsmanship but especially the originality of its structure, thanks to a pin can be rotated 360 °.
The library is not more placed against a wall but becomes the main character of a space. The bookcase becames a sculpture and the books are accessories to adorne it

Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! La protagonista di oggi è l'iconica libreria Albero, di Poltrona Frau disegnata da Gianfranco Frattini.

venerdì 18 aprile 2014

Cooking with design: Happy Face by Zak Design

Hello design lovers! Today I present yiu the spoon Happy Face by Zak Design.
This cute plastic spoon looks at you with a happy or surprised expression, while you are cooking your favorite dishes and is available in orange, green, red and burgundy.
Perfect for mixing with irony sauces, jams, rice, soups and salads and to make funny all your recipes.

Buongiorno design lovers! Oggi vi presento il cucchiaio Happy Face di Zak Design.

mercoledì 16 aprile 2014

The light in a glass ball

Hello my dear design lovers! Today I present  you Mykonos, a lamp born from the creativity of the designer Ernesto Gismondi for Artemide.
The main characteristic of Mykonos is its diffuser in transparent blown glass in significant size where it contains inside a light bulb. A light bulb contained in a stylish glass sphere supported by a base and a stem in polished chromed metal. Miconos emits a diffused and delicate light and it is able to adapt to different environments thanks to its versatility and sophistication.
Mykonos is available in several options: wall, ceiling, table and floor lamps for an amazing and refined result.
Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! Oggi vi presento Miconos una lampada nata dalla creatività del designer Ernesto Gismondi per Artemide.

lunedì 14 aprile 2014

Victoria and Albert

Hello design lovers! The protagonist of today are two, the tables of the Victoria and Albert collection, designed by Ron Arad for Moroso.
The choice of the name Victoria and Albert is an homage to the famous museum in London, where in June 2000 he held an exhibition of works by Ron Arad.
The collection was born from the Victoria and Albert propose an innovative design and comfortable.
These tables made in colored polyethylene with a round line, are suitable to be placed both inside and outside as resistant to heat and light, for a touch of color in your living room, terrace or garden.

Buongiorno design lovers! Il protagonista di oggi sono due, ovvero i tavolini della collezione Victoria and Albert, disegnata da Ron Arad per Moroso.

venerdì 11 aprile 2014

Cooking with design: Decopen by Lékué

Hello design lovers! The book Cooking with design today presents Decopen, one of the newest products Lékué, famous Spanish design company.
With Decopen you can add your own personal finishing touch to all your dishes. Just mix sauces sweet and savory and have fun decorating salads, meat, fish and desserts. Decopen is made in platinum silicone, a type of silicone that uses only platinum as the catalyst
, which increases its quality and safety.

So, who wants the chocolate sauce on ice cream?

Buongiorno design lovers! La rubrica Cooking with design oggi vi presenta Decopen, uno dei più recenti prodotti di Lékué, famosa azienda di design spagnola.

lunedì 7 aprile 2014

Save the date: the Salone del Mobile in Milan


Hello design lovers! Tomorrow one of the biggest events in the world for furniture and designbegins in Milan: the Salone del Mobile.
The Salone del Mobile was founded in 1961 to promote exports of Italian furniture from the idea of ​​Cosmit, Milan trade fair organization, expression of of FederlegnoArredo category.
The Salone del Mobile offers a broad and comprehensive overview of all styles, from classic to modern design with regard to the furniture and accessories.
  The Salone del Mobile is visited every year by about 285,000 visitors, where, in an exhibition area of ​​over 140,000 square meters, it is possible to find almost 1,300 exhibitors.
Do not miss the Fuori Salone events, organized by designers from around the world at different points of the Lombard capital.

Buongiorno design lovers! Domani inizia a Milano uno dei maggiori appuntamenti a livello mondiale per l'arredamento e il design: il Salone del Mobile.

venerdì 4 aprile 2014

Cooking with design: Magic Bunny by Alessi

Hello my dear design lovers! The protagonist of the colunm Cooking with the design of this Friday is Magic Bunny designed by Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni for Alessi.
Are you wondering what use Magic Bunny might have in our kitchens?
Magic Bunny is a toothpick holder bunny that comes out from a hat and magically brings up the toothpicks for our guests.
In thermoplastic resin, Magic Bunny changes the concept of toothpick holder, becoming a friendly and fun game.

mercoledì 2 aprile 2014


Stripes is the mirror protagonist of today's post. This wall mirror from designer Paolo Cattelan is composed of strips of mirrored glass combined.
At first glance, Stripes seems to be broken and this feature makes it an original mirror of great personality.
This unusual mirror from different shapes and sizes does not go unnoticed and decorates in a refined environment where it is placed.

Stripes é lo specchio protagonista del post di oggi. Questo specchio da parete ideato dal designer Paolo Cattelan é composto da listelli di cristallo specchiato accostati.