venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Cooking with Design: Ovo by Lekué

Hello my dear design lovers! The Friday column, Cooking with Design, this week shows you a nice and smart kitchen tool: Ovo by Lekué.
This simple but amazing gadget can cook eggs with the shape we desire: heart, cilyndric, square and semisphere. We should only have an egg, add some ingredients which suggest our fantasy to give more taste and Ovo works for us. Ovo is made in 100% platinum silicone and can cook in a minute our egg whether it is microwaved or cooked in bain-marie.
With Ovo we can trasform a simple ingredient like an egg in a surprising dish and surprise our friends without spending hours in the kitchen.
Have a good weekend my dear design lovers!

Buongiorno miei cari design lovers! La rubrica del venerdì, Cooking with Design, questa settimana vi mostra un gadget da cucina utile e divertente: Ovo di Lekué.

mercoledì 26 novembre 2014

Mayflower, un fiore gigante nel salotto

Hello design lovers! The protagonist of today's post is Mayflower, the delicious flower shaped seat that the French designer Fabrice Berrux created for Roche Bobois.
This giant flower decorates with irony and brings spring into your home all year. The corolla of petals form the seat of Mayflower and is available in a wide range of neutral or psychedeliccolors. Mayflower has an internal structure in wood and chipboard with foam padding and an outer coating in three variants: jersey, velor or leather.

Mayflower is a seat that won't pass unnoticed and all guests will line up to try it.
See you soon my dear design lovers!

Buongiorno design lovers! Il protagonista del post di oggi é Mayflower, la deliziosa poltrona a forma di fiore che il designer francese Fabrice Berrux ha creato per Roche Bobois.

giovedì 20 novembre 2014

Hi-tech loves Design: Calm di Puro

Who doesn't have a panic attack at least once in their life when their mobile phone has a very low battery in a moment of vital importance? Here it is a useful and even fun solution to not end up with the mobile phone battery and have a panic attack in progress. The column High-tech loves Design today presents Calm, the external battery portable by Pure, which in addition to recharge our cell also reminds us to keep calm, in fact, we find the sentence "Keep calm and Pure charges your phonewritten on the back.
Calm is an external battery 4000 mAh, about the size of a cell phone and comfortable to carry with us in the bag, in the car ... not to have more panic attacks!

See you soon design lovers!

Chi non è stato preso dal panico almeno una volta nella vita quando il proprio cellulare si è scaricato in un momento di vitale importanza? Ecco qui una soluzione utile e anche divertente per non ritrovarci con il cellulare scarico e un attacco di panico in corso. La rubrica High-tech loves Design oggi vi presenta Calm, la batteria esterna portatile di Puro, che oltre a ricaricare il nostro cellulare ci ricorda anche di mantenere la calma, infatti ha scritto sul dorso la frase "Keep calm and Puro charges your phone".

Calm è una batteria esterna da 4000 mAh, grande circa quanto un cellulare e comoda da portare con noi in borsa, in auto... per non avere più attacchi di panico! A presto design lovers!

martedì 18 novembre 2014

L'orologio che si crede un catino

Hello design lovers! Are you wondering what makes a bucket hanging on the wall ?! The protagonist of today's post is Catino, created by designer Lorenzo Damiani for Diamantini & Domeniconi, a wall clock with the original shape reminiscent definitely a basin.
Catino is made of colored plastic material and inside the very deep concavity contains the black hands of the clock.
An object amusing and ironic that combines two elements to create an unique element with an original creativity.
Buongiorno design lovers! Vi state chiedendo cosa ci fa una bacinella appesa al muro?! Il protagonista del post di oggi é Catino, creato dal designer Lorenzo Damiani per Diamantini & Domeniconi, un'orologio da parete dalla singolare forma che ricorda decisamente una bacinella.

venerdì 14 novembre 2014

Cooking with Design: Grattugia Madame di Pylones

Hello design lovers! Cooking with Design, a section dedicated to kitchen gadgets, today present you the lovely Madame, a grater in the shape of elegant French lady.
Ideal for grating vegetables and cheese, Madame is 23 cm high and is made of metal and plastic. The long dress of Madame corresponds to the main body of the grating and is equipped with holes of different sizes. Madame is available with vests of different colors: black, gold, green, orange .... because every lady has the right dress for each occasion!

Buongiorno design lovers! Cooking with Design, la rubrica dedicata ai gadget da cucina, oggi vi presenta la deliziosa Madame, una grattuggia a forma di elegante signora francese.

giovedì 13 novembre 2014

Mad about Design on Pinterest

Hi my dear design lovers! I'm please to inform you that Mad about Design is also on Pinterest!
Mad about Design is becaming more and more social and you can follow me directly on Pinterest or also on Facebook.
Have fun!
See you soon my dear design lovers for many Others news!
Buongiorno a tutti i design lovers! Sono felice di informarvi che il blog Mad about Design ha anche la sua pagina su Pinterest! Mad about Design sta diventando sempre più social e potete cosí seguirmi direttamente su Pinterest o Facebook.
A presto miei cari design lovers con tante novità!

martedì 11 novembre 2014

Hi-tech loves Design: iToch by Realizzatori di Idee


Hello design lovers! Today the column High-tech loves Design introduces you iToch, a natural acoustic amplifier for iPhone, iPod and all other types of smartphone, born from the creativity of the designers Daniele and Davide Barbieri brothers, founders of the laboratory Realizzatori di Idee.
The iPhone disappears completely within iToch, which amplifies sound by about 30% without the use of batteries due to the particular system that allows the sound to come together in a pavilion increasing the sound in a natural way. iToch is crafted entirely of spruce wood and is available in different colour: natural wood, white or black.
Even the name is original,  we can translate the word "Toch"  in the dialect of its creators with "piece", in this case a piece of wood.
How do you think about this object who unites neture and tecnology togheter in the name of music and design?
Buongiorno design lovers! Oggi La rubrica High-tech love Design presenta iTòch, un amplificatore acustico naturale per iphone, ipod e tutti gli altri tipi di smarthphone, nato dalla creativitá dei due fratelli designer Daniele  e Davide Barbieri, fondatori del laboratorio Realizzatori di Idee.

L'iphone scompare completamente all'interno di iTòch, il quale amplifica il suono di circa il 30% senza l'uso di batterie grazie al particolare sistema che permette all’audio di confluire in un padiglione aumentando in modo naturale il suono.  iToch è realizzato artigianalmente interamente in legno d’abete ed è disponibile in diversi colori: legno naturale chiaro o scuro, bianco e nero. Anche il nome è originale  ovvero “tòch” che si traduce dal dialetto di origine dei suoi creatori in “pezzo", in questo caso pezzo di legno.
Cosa ne pensate di questo oggetto che unisce natura e tecnologia insieme in nome della musica e del design?

domenica 9 novembre 2014

Mad about Design at Paradesign

 Today Mad about Design has visited Paratissima, contemporary art fair that takes place in Turin from  5th to 9th November, in the locations of Turin Exhibition. The event, now in its tenth year, is dedicated to the promotion of young Italian and international artists. This year more than 600 artists were divided into several sections: ParaPhotò,, ParaVideo, ParaFuture, ParaFashion and ParaDesign.
A very eventful weekend for Turin, the city in fact was also the location for two exhibitions dedicated to contemporary art: Artissima and TheOthers.
  For Paradesign was devoted an entire hall where young emerging designers presented their creations in direct contact with the art.
I leave you to admire some works of design that I found for you today and I have literally conquered!
And you, my dear design lovers, what do you think of these young artists?
Oggi Mad about Design ha visitato Paratissima, fiera di arte contemporanea che si svolge a
 Torino dal 5 al 9 Novembre, nei locali di Torino Esposizioni. L'evento, giunto quest'anno alla decima edizione, è dedicato alla promozione di giovani artisti italiani ed internazionali. Quest'anno gli artisti erano più di 600 divisi in diverse sezioni: ParaPhotò, , ParaVideo, ParaFuture, ParaFashion e ParaDesign.

venerdì 7 novembre 2014

Cooking with design: Lid Sid by Monkey Business

Hello dear design lovers! The Friday column  Cooking with design returns and the protagonist of today is Lid Sid, the funny men lifted the lid of Monkey Businnes.
When we have to do in the kitchen with a pot of boiling water, at least once, all of us have looked for a solution to keep a little lifted the lid to allow steam to escape without risking to find a mess on the stove. Now nothing more covers in the balance, the men lifted the lid Lid Sid are ready to offer a solution and of course, with a brilliant design! These funny men made by silicone leaning on the edge of a pot to keep the lid with a slight slit that allows steam to escape. Their team consists of two members, one red and one white, and can be used in both directions, from the head to the feet. Depending on how you have them, then we will see a little man with head and arms dangling, or a little man with his legs and his butt sticking out of the pot.
What do you think of this little kitchen gadget is clever and fun? I fell in love right away and cooking pasta with Lid Sid is much more simple!
Have a nice weekend my dear design lovers!

Buongiorno cari design lovers! Ritorna la rubrica del venerdì Cooking with Design e il protagonista di oggi è Lid Sid, i simpatici omini solleva coperchio di Monkey Businnes.

mercoledì 5 novembre 2014

Hi-tech loves design: Woofy by Norman Copenhagen

Hello design lovers! Today I am pleased to introduce the new column Hi-tech loves Design. I decided to introduce this new column in the blog, because I'm fascinated by careful design and trend of hi-tech accessories that surround us. In recent years, in fact, the technology pays particular attetion for fashion and design, offering a number of items which in addition to their intrinsic function, they are also beautiful pieces of furniture for our home.
The first star of this new section is Woofy, the cute little dog leads created by the Argentinian designer Gabriel Nigro for Norman Copenhagen.
Woofy hiding in his belly all the cables that would otherwise create clutter in our homes. The different cables of hi-fi equipment, televisions, lamps, computers hide within this adorable and useful petfriend. Woofy is a faithful plastic dog that not only helps us to keep order  but furnish with creativity and humor the environment.
As soon as I saw Woofy, I could not falling in love with him, and you, my dear design lovers, have you already decided to adopt it?
Buongiorno design lovers! Oggi ho il piacere di presentarvi la nuova rubrica Hi-tech loves Design. Ho deciso di introdurre nel blog questa nuova rubrica affascinata dal design curato e di tendenza degli accessori hi-tech che ci circondano. Negli ultimi anni infatti, la tecnologia ha un occhio di riguardo per la moda e il design, offrendo numerosi oggetti che oltre alla loro funzione intrinseca, sono anche dei bellissimi elementi di arredamento per le nostre case.
ll primo protagonista di questa nuova rubrica é Woofy, il simpatico cagnolino porta cavi creato dal designer argentino Gabriel Nigro per Norman Copenhagen.