mercoledì 28 ottobre 2015

Hot Spot: Rosa quarzo il colore dell'anno 2016 per Pantone

Hello design lovers! Mad about Design today is pleased to reveal the color that Pantone has elected as tonality of the year 2016: Rose Quartz.
  So soon we should say goodbye to the color of the year 2015 of Marsala where you can find the post here, and welcome Rose Quartz.
Pantone is the highest state regulations in the field of color and each year choose the tonalities that influence furniture, clothes and make up.
The Rose Quartz is an elegant and delicate nuance which, as the name suggests, is inspired by the mineral.
A very refined color that conveys serenity and joy but unfortunately that has always been linked to the houses of our grandmothers or the bedrooms of girls.
What do you think of this color?
Below some furnishings from different designers proposed in Pink Quartz.
Buongiorno design lovers! Oggi Mad about Design ha il piacere di svelarvi il colore che Pantone ha eletto come tonalitá dell'anno 2016: Rosa Quarzo.
 Quindi tra poco saluteremo il colore dell'anno 2015 il Marsala di cui potete trovare il post qui, e benvenuto Rosa Quarzo.

venerdì 23 ottobre 2015

Cooking with Design: Thompson by Peter Ibrugger

Hello design lovers!
The protagonist of the section Cooking with Design of this Friday is the original sugar bowl Thompson of the British designer Peter Ibrugger. This visionary designer has approached a simple object such as the sugar bowl with the bowler hat worn by men in early '900 and was born Thompson.
The sugar bowl Peter Ibrugger reminds fact the bowler Charlie Chaplin or the characters painted by the surrealist painter Magritte.
Thompson is in china and is available in white and black.
For a really unusual effect you can use it in conjunction with the Moustache Mug to keep warm our drinks. How about this gentleman on the table?

Buongiorno design lovers!
Il protagonista della rubrica Cooking with Design di questo venerdì è l'originale zuccheriera Thompson del designer inglese Peter Ibrugger. Questo designer visionario ha accostato un oggetto semplice come la zuccheriera al cappello a forma di bombetta portato dagli uomini ad inizio 900 ed è nata Thompson.

venerdì 16 ottobre 2015

Cooking with Design: Salam teapot by Guy Degrenne

Hello Design lover! To remind you that it is Friday, as always our section Cooking with Design. The protagonist of today is Salam, the teapot by Guy Degrenne, the French designer that I discovered during my visit to Milan Expo at the France stand .  Created in 1957, Salam has a timeless design thanks to its simple and modern lines.
The collection Salam, whom this teapot in porcelain is part, includes several accessories for a complete tea service. Salam is perfect for winter afternoons or evenings during it'is ideal for warming up and relaxing because it can retain heat for a longer time than normal teapots thanks to its specific features.Available in three colors, white, red and black with matt finish and in various sizes from 2 to 8 cups.I think I am going to heat water ... nice weekend my dear design lovers!
Buongiorno Design lover! A ricordarvi che è venerdì, come sempre la nostra rubrica Cooking with Design. Il protagonista di oggi è la teiera Salam di Guy Degrenne, designer francese che ho scoperto durante la mia visita ad Expo Milano allo stand della Francia.