venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

Cooking with design: Tripod by Alessi

Hello my dear design lovers! Here we are at the second appointment with the column on Friday: Cooking with design. The protagonist of today is Tripod by the designers Gabriele Chiave and LPWK for Alessi .
But what is Tripod? You have already guessed , or you're still thinking ? I confess that when I saw Tripod for the first time, a gift from a dear friend who knows how much I love the design, I was puzzled . It is a jewel ? A game of intelligence?
Tripod is a trivet with adjustable elements in chrome-plated zamak . Astonished ? Incredulous ?
Remarkable is the contrast between the humble trivet and functional component of the ambitious design of innovative component . Tripod stands on the table and we can adapt its entirety furniture until you get the desired shape to hold a pot, a pan or dish. Tripod is so stylish which is a shame keep it in a drawer along with other kitchen utensils, but is made ​​to be hung from a hook as you can see in the picture further ahead . A witness to the preciousness of Tripod is also its building kit, identical to a box that might contain a important necklace or a bracelet .
Do not see Tripod to your kitchen, otherwise she would like her personal jewel !
See you soon my dear design lovers! Have a great weekend !

giovedì 30 gennaio 2014

Assymetry in a table

My dear design lovers today we are in the presence of a Good Design Award Chicago Atheneaum. N7 is the table of the designer Norayr Khachatryan for Casamania. N7 is a table of the challenging and determined construction. The complexity of its structure is given by the faceted and asymmetric shapes and the technique of bending the sheet of aluminum. Its design, inspired by military language, combines sobriety and functionality. N7 is a table suitable for both the living room of a home or an office and always gives  the sophistication and rigor that characterize it.

mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

Where should I leave my umbrella?

Hi dear design lovers! Here in North Italy near Turin is snowing and while the town becames white, I'm writing this post. So I decide to write a post related to the weather and I choose to show you this beautiful and strange umbrella stand, Poppins by the designers Edwuard Barber and Jay Osgerby for Magis. It brings us to childhood because of its name, identic to the most famous and beloved nanny time and its shape similar to a bricks of buildings we used to play with when we were children. Poppins is made in glossy ABS and so it is suitable indoor and outdoor. It is available in four colours: white, black, green and orange.
So if it's snowing or raining also by you, what do you think to leave your wet umbrella to Poppins and it looks after it?

martedì 28 gennaio 2014

A sculpture of light

This contemporary sculpture really is the amazing lamp Vertigo by the designer Marco Acerbis for Fontana Arte. Vertigo is a lamp made in bended and polished alluminium in order to create a magnific mirror effect. Its faceted shape makes beautiful light games and a regulator allow to choose the indirect light intensity. Vertigo has a black matt base in steel with a pin for the rotation. This lamp can make sophisticated every room thank to its beauty and elegance.
What about this amazing prisme of light?

lunedì 27 gennaio 2014

Hug me, I'm your pouf!

Happy birthday The Original di Fatboy! One of the most famous pouf is ten years old and it doesn't show its years.The Original is available in wide range of colours, updated during the years in order to follow fashion. The Original is very versatile and it is suitable in every room, from the sitting-room to the bedroom, from the garden to the office. This pouf can give a touch of colour end lightness to every place, also the most serious or minimal one. Moreover The Original is useful to create a seat near a sofa or a bed. The Original is made of 330 liters EPS little balls in order to follow your shape and offer a comfortable and cushy seat.
What do you think about a little rest on The Original after a long day at work? Have a nice rest to everyone!

venerdì 24 gennaio 2014

Cooking with design: Mr Cream Mixer by Brandani

Hi my dear Follower! I'm proud to show you the first and new rubrica of Mad about Design: Cooking with Design! Every Friday, this rubric shows you a designed gadget for cooking, an useful items we can find in the kitchen but that it has also an own personality.
The first main character is Mr. Cream by Brandani, a cute cook who helps us to prepare breakfast everyday. Mr. Cream infact is a mini mixer which can make a soft foam in order to trasform a simple milk and coffee in a delicious cappuccino. Moreover Mr. Cream can also prepare sauses, creams and custard for cakes. Mr. Cream help me every morning to have sweeter awakening and it's very professional with its white uniform, cook hat and colored waistcoat. Below I'm glad to introduce you my Mr. Cream with its red waistcoat photographed on the top of my kitchen.
How many cappuccinos would you like to order him?

Buongiorno cari Follower! Sono orgogliosa di mostrarvi la nuova e prima rubrica di Mad about Design: Cooking with design! Ogni venerdi questa rubrica vi mostrerá un gadget di design da utilizzarsi in cucina, un utensile utile ma anche ricco di personalitá.
Il primo protagonista di Cooking with design é Mr. Cream, un simpatico cuoco in grado di preparare una soffice schiuma per trasformare un semplice caffelatte in un fantastico cappuccino come quello del bar. Inoltre Mr. Cream prepara anche salse, creme e panna montata. Mr. Cream mi aiuta ad addolcire un po il mio risveglio, basta tuffare il mixer nella tazza con il latte caldo e la schiuma é pronta.Mr. Cream é un piccolo cuoco molto professionale con la sua uniforme bianca, il cappello e il gilet colorato. Sotto potete vedere il mio Mr. Cream con il gilet rosso, fotografato sul ripiano della mia cucina.
Quanti cappuccini vogliamo ordinargli?

giovedì 23 gennaio 2014

Mad about Design on Facebook

Hi my dear Design Lovers! I'm please to inform you that Mad about Design is also on Facebook!
So you can follow me directly on Facebook clicking on I like on the page Mad about Design. I hope we have much fun togheter!
Buongiorno a tutti i Design Lovers! Sono felice di informarvi che il blog Mad about Design ha anche la sua pagina su Facebook! Da oggi potete cosí seguirmi direttamente su Facebook cliccando su Mi piace sulla pagina di Mad about Design. Spero che insieme ci divertiremo!

mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

Does this bookcase look strange, doesn't it?

Hi my dear Followers! If you see something strange in this bookcase, don't be afraid, your eyesight is good. Factor, the bookcase showed in this post, is really curved and it cames from an idea of Jonathan Olivares for Driade. Its concave shape revolutionizes the classic bookcase in a original and eccentric way. Thank to this shape, the books are nearer and more visible. Factor is realised in wooden conglomerate with ebony finishing.
What do you think about Factor's five shelves? Can they contain all your books?

martedì 21 gennaio 2014

A tree in the home

What does a tree do in the living room or in the hall or in the sitting room? It does the hanger!
  The designer Mario Mazzer has created this amazing hanger called Tree for Bonaldo. Its shape which looks like a stylized tree impresses for its originality and creativity and hanging bags, jackets, scarves and hats on Tree becames a game.
Tree is made by polyetylene and it is available in matt or glossy version. Tree is a unique piece of its genre and it can trasform the room with a touch of personality and refinement.
What do you think, my dear followers, about this unusual piece of garden taken into the home?

lunedì 20 gennaio 2014

Wake up!

Monday arrives and even if we would like to remain still midday in the bed hugging our pillow, we have to stand up and go to work. A new week starts! Fortunatately our hated/loved alarm clock remembers us that the weekend finished, otherwise I would remain fall asleep every day! How is your alarm clock? There are so different types: digital, vintage, high tech... The alarm clock I decide to show you today is New Machine and it is projected by Enrico Azzimonti for the 2014 new collection of Diamantini and Domeniconi. You can find it in many colours: blue, green, orange, brown, red. It's nice and cute shape remember an alarm clock of 40es and it's suit very well in a bedroom with a minimal and modern style but also vintage or industrial chich one. Don't you think is very nice with this sun as decoration of the quadrant? So, my dear followers it's time to start this day, have a good Monday!

venerdì 17 gennaio 2014

My dear chaise long

The best piece of furniture of the home: the chaise long. The only one which alone in a room is able to full it completely. Probably you have already understood how I adore this item! Try to imagine a huge room, with light painted walls, a small table with some of your favourite books on and in the middle only your beloved chaise long. What a fantastic place for relaxing! The chaise long is one of the most loved pieces by designers in all the times, in fact we can already find it in the ancient time and then after different trasformations, it has arrived until today.
Landscape 05 is the name of our chaise long that I show you today, it is projected by the designer Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia. Its sinuous and light shape wrap who sit in it in a big hug and its magnetic headrest is positionable where we prefer.
My design lovers, finally the week is almost finished so have a nice weekend! What are you going to do? I hope to find many interesting pieces to show you next week on Mad about Design!

giovedì 16 gennaio 2014

Turn on the light

Probably it's the first thing we see every morning when we wake up and turn on the ligth: the table lamp. Modern or classical, big or small, our table lamp is strictly personal and it shows much of our personality. I took months in order to choose mine. Today I would like to show you a very curious table lamp: Mr Light by the designer Javier Mariscal for Nemo Cassina. It's a real gentleman who can lift up its hat for say hello to you. Its white head is the lighting body and the hat and pedestal are in glossy black metal. Doesn't it look so nice?

mercoledì 15 gennaio 2014

Mirror, mirror on the wall

"Mirror, mirror on the wall..." said a famous devil queen, but probably if she had had this beautiful mirror, she would have been nicer and less nervous.
The mirror is a piece of furniture really versatile, in fact you can put it in different rooms of your home like living room, hall, bathroom and also bedroom. It fits always good and it embellishes the place.
The mirror I choose is Tab.u Mirror by Bruno Rainaldi for Opionciatti. Its frame in hand creased alluminium is amazing. I adore it very much because of its originality and elegance.
What do you think about it?

lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

Take a seat at Mad about Design

Hi to everybody! I have decided to start with one of major piece of the house: the chair. During the ages, the chair had many variations and still now it continues to be one of the most favourite piece of furniture by designer in all the world.
The chair personalizes the table and the room with discretion or creativity depending if we choose an eccentric, classic or minimal one.
The chair choosen for this post seems really to a small contemporary throne, the Louis Ghost by Philippe Starck for Kartell unites Louis XV baroque lines with modern material like trasparent or covering polycarbon for a elegant but glamour result.
Now I only have to invite you to take a seat at Mad about Design.

The beginning

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 I hope you find Mad about Design amusing and interesting.
See you soon my design loving followers!
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Spero che troverete Mad about Design divertente e soprattutto interessante.
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