mercoledì 24 settembre 2014

A bird with wings made by staples

Hello dear design lovers! The protagonist of today's post, contrary to what appears is not a toy, but an accessory for our desk, Chip is in fact the original and unusual clip holder signed by Alessi.
Chip is made of chrome plated zamak and magnets inside him grasp the staples forming bizarre wings. Chip is a useful object which styles your desk with personality and it's heavy enough to be used as a paperweight. Never more staples and clips around drawers, with Chip, we finally found a way to put a little order in a fun way!
Buongiorno cari design lovers! Il protagonista del post di oggi contrariamente a quello che sembra non è un giocattolo, ma un accessorio per la nostra scrivania, Chip è infatti l'originale e insolito portaclips firmato da Alessi.

mercoledì 17 settembre 2014

A crumpled bin for crumpled paper

Hello design lovers! Bin Bin is the protagonist of today's post, still devoted to the work station for a return from holiday in the name of design. 
Bin Bin, a crumpled bin signed by John Brauer, has an ironic and original design reminiscent of crumpled paper. Bin Bin is the winner of several prestigious awards like the Good Design Award 2005, Red Dot Design 2007 and IF-Product Design. Bin Bin is made by rigid high density polyethylene and is available in three colors: red, white and black.
What do you think of this useful design element, award-winning for a professional office, but with a touch of creativity and irony?
See you soon my dear design lovers!
Buongiorno design lovers! Bin Bin é il protagonista del post di oggi, ancora dedicato alla postazione di lavoro, per un rientro dalle ferie all'insegna del design.

mercoledì 10 settembre 2014

A snake in the office

Hello design lovers! The protagonist of today is another object dedicated to your desk, the opener Bis created by designer Giulio Iacchetti for Alessi.
 Bis is a snake in stainless steel strip winding on the desk ready to assist you in opening your mail, its triangular and flattened head shapes the handle and the tail is pointed to open the envelopes.
Ready to make you enchanted by this great animal from the office? Good luck my dear design lovers!
Buongiorno design lovers! Il protagonista di oggi è un altro oggetto dedicato alla vostra scrivania, il tagliacarte Bis creato dal designer Giulio Iacchetti per Alessi.

mercoledì 3 settembre 2014

Robin, a fawn for important notes

September has come every year to remind us that the summer is coming to an end and we have to start over work, school or university ... So I decided to offer you in the days that follow a set of objects to bring a touch of design even in our workplace or study.
The first of this series is Robin, a cute fawn which will help you to not forget your post-it notes around to better remember the important notes.
Born of the creative designer Yaacov Kaufman Pa-Design, Robin is placed on the desk in his mouth and can keep a notepad, pens, post-it notes. Available in red and cream, with Robin, office or study become fun and will be forbidden to forget the important things!
See you soon dear design lovers!
Settembre é arrivato come ogni anno a ricordarci che l'estate sta volgendo al termine e che bisogna riniziare il lavoro, la scuola o l'universitá... Ho pensato quindi di proporvi nei giorni che seguiranno una serie di oggetti per portare un tocco di design anche nella nostra postazione di lavoro o di studio.
Il primo di questa serie é Robin un simpatico cerbiatto che vi aiuterá a non dimenticare i vostri post-it in giro per meglio ricordare le note importanti.